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Life is treasured in minutes, hours, days, months, and years.



Indeed, the student can become the teacher. TISA SILVER has honed her knowledge and years of experience as a finance expert, and successfully translated them into everyday tools for living. In her bestselling book, The Time Value of Life, she uses hypothetical and real-life examples to show why time should be treated as a valuable gift, especially with regards to making money.

SILVER advocates taking the following steps:

  • Recognize time is a limited resource.
  • Diversify investments.
  • Respect time.
  • Believe in your investments.
  • Make collaborative investments.
  • Understand good investments pay off.
  • Realize the past doesn't dictate the future.
  • Know that your future value depends on your inputs.

Time is more valuable than money, says TISA SILVER, because the value of your life depends on what you do with your time. Want to learn more about the steps she prescribes for valuable living? Get your copy of The Time Value of Life today!

Maryland-based Tisa Silver (@tisasilver) has written a concise but insightful book entitled The Time Value of Life. She packs much wisdom about the nature of life and work into just 90 pages, along with several mathematical formulae to back up her assertions.”

“She then tackles the Time Value of Money and introduces variants of the concept I’ve not seen before, such as the book’s title: The Time Value of Life.
— Jonathan Chevreau, Author of "Findependence Day" and Editor-at-Large of MoneySense