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Three Years Waiting, Three Weeks Writing

Tisa Silver

Is fear getting in your way? You are not alone.

My first book, The Time Value of Life was written primarily in 2008. However, I began writing the book in 2005 during the Thanksgiving holiday break. Little did I know, my shell of a manuscript would spend the next three years collecting dust.

Why? Fear. Not just one fear—several fears.

In an interview with Will over at Peoplegogy, I explained my fears and how I got rid of them.

Will: For those who don’t know of you, you are the author of “The Time Value of Life.” What was the inspiration behind the book? And how on Earth were you able to write it so quickly?

Tisa: I originally began writing the book in 2005, and my goal was to write a book for teenagers about money management. After suffering a painful loss in 2006, I was reminded of what is most important: how we use our time. If you spend or lose a dollar, at least you have a chance to make it back. Once you spend a minute, it is gone forever.

In terms of content, the financial education piece was still important, but I decided the life lessons were equally important. I thought of the many parallels between finance and life, and money and time. I was able to offer some lessons on two topics, time and money, which everyone must deal with and for which there are no standard training tools in our educational system.

I toyed with idea of publishing a book for a while, but I allowed myself to get sidetracked by fear.Fear of making mistakes, fear of revealing too much, fear of criticism, and perhaps even fear of my assertions being challenged or rejected.

I did some soul-searching on my thirtieth birthday and decided to reignite the project. I came up with a plan to move to Florida so I could be in the “perfect” creative environment (by myself in a warm climate near water) to get things done. After I compiled my list of possible rental properties, I took a moment to check myself. My surroundings had nothing to do with why the book was incomplete. My fears kept me from completing the book.

This may sound cliché, but I made a decision to let the fears go. Once the decision was made, I buckled down and completed the first manuscript within three weeks. A decided heart is a force to be reckoned with!

For the complete interview, visit Peoplegogy.

It took me a while to pinpoint exactly what was holding me back. Once I realized exactly what my fears were, I decided to do three things:

1. Do whatever I could to minimize the chances of certain fears being realized. As an author, some of these actions included triple-checking everything from the content and copy edits to the cover art and copyright documents.

2. Set my aim. I decided against aiming to please. Instead, I aimed to connect and to educate.

3. Say “Oh well” to the fears I could not control. Most of these fears were centered around acceptance and reaction to the personal parts of the content. If people like it, great and if they don’t, then…this is where “oh well” comes in handy.

Talk about a liberation! What are you waiting for? What is holding you back?