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In the News

In the News

Thinking Money: Practical SolutionsFull Q & A
Maryland Public Television
Question 1: Financial help for those in poorer communities.
Question 2: Tips for student loan borrowers in order to build capital for big purchases.
Question 3: Saving for retirement when you are self employed.
Question 4: Advice on the best way to teach young people how to save money.
Question 5: Finding in-person advice on help with family finances.

“Should You Buy or Should You Rent?”
Barbara Kiviat, TIME Magazine

Committed volunteer receives financial education award
Stacy Brown, The Baltimore Times Online

Paying for College: Managing Debt After School
Erin Danly,

Why You Shouldn’t Count Student Loan Forgiveness Into Your Finances
Brittany Anas,

“New federal consumer agency finds state residents quick to gripe about mortgages, credit cards, banks”
Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun

Don’t Be Duped By Investment Fees
Donna Fuscaldo,

IRA vs. 401(k): Which is Better for You?
Donna Fuscaldo,

Should You Refinance? When it Makes Sense
Donna Fuscaldo,

"Start a Money Club: 8 Ways to Boost Your Cash"
Tamara E. Holmes, ESSENCE Magazine

Readers don’t want to wait till 70 to double their CPP
 Jonathan Chevreau, The Financial Post

12 Tweets to Financial Independence
Jonathan Chevreau, The Financial Post

A novel way to wealth
Jonathan Chevreau , The National Post

A Twitterer teaches us the value of time
Jonathan Chevreau, The National Post